A Note to Editors, Writers, Broadcasters


The American Association of Bovine Veterinarians is pleased to furnish you with breaking news concerning issues relevant to the production of safe, high quality beef and dairy products. Our aim is to provide you with knowledgeable, articulate sources who can provide background information and arrange interviews on stories about veterinary medicine and animal health.


While these people are anxious to help you prepare timely, accurate stories, many of them are practicing veterinarians and are not always free to assist you immediately. Sometimes, when you call, they may be tied up with a medical matter, but they will call you back as quickly as possible.

The world of veterinary medicine is filled with stories and personalities. Your readers, listeners and viewers are interested in learning how to properly care for their animals.


Please contact the AABP Communications Specialist gwren@aabp.org, with additional questions or comments.


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