News Brief Date Added
Dr. Robert Harding 2017 Dairy Quality Assurance Veterinarian of the Year  9/26/2017
$325,000 in Scholarships/Awards Given to AABP Student Members  9/21/2017
Top Honors Awarded to AABP Dairy and Beef Veterinarians at AABP  9/21/2017
Bovine Industry Professionals Gather for Record-Setting 50th AABP Annual Conference   9/21/2017
2017 AABP Board of Directors  9/21/2017
Dr. Bob Smith Receives the 2017 AABP Distinguished Service Award  9/21/2017
Dr. David Kelton Receives 2017 AABP Award of Excellence  9/21/2017
Drs. Geibel, Tripp Receive the 2017 AgriLabs Dr. Bruce Wren CE Award  9/21/2017
Dr. Trent Fox Receives 2017 AABP James A. Jarrett Award for Young Leaders  9/21/2017
Dr. Robert Gukich Receives the 2017 Excellence in Preventive Medicine (Beef) Award  9/21/2017
Dr. Fred Muller Receives 2017 Excellence in Preventive Medicine (Dairy) Award  9/21/2017
Dr. Dee Griffin Receives 2017 AABP Mentor-of-the-Year Award  9/21/2017
Dr. Norm LaFaunce is 2017 AABP Bovine Practitioner of the Year  9/21/2017
2017 Merck Student Recognition Award Winners  9/21/2017
2017 Harold E. Amstutz Scholarships  9/21/2017
2017 AABP Foundation-Zoetis Scholarships  9/21/2017


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