AABP.Today Discussion Forum

An electronic discussion platform in which current AABP members may discuss techniques, materials, and issues related to veterinary medicine in cattle.

AABP has had a long history of using a discussion listserv (AABP-L) for members to communicate, discuss, and ask questions related to techniques, treatments, business and all aspects of a cattle veterinary practice. The listserv software originated as a way to communicate with large groups by sending a single email to a list address, then that message got distributed to all members of the list. While this method worked in the early years of internet development, the needs, features and security of such a system have drastically changed.

Discussion forums offer several benefits, both for individuals and communities. Here are some key advantages of participating in discussion forums:

  1. Knowledge sharing: Discussion forums provide a platform for individuals to share their knowledge, expertise and experiences on various topics. People can ask questions, seek advice, and receive answers from a diverse community of cattle veterinarians. This sharing of information helps to expand collective knowledge and solve problems effectively.

  2. Learning and self-improvement: Engaging in discussion forums exposes individuals to different perspectives and ideas. By participating in discussions, individuals can learn from others, gain new insights, and broaden their understanding of various subjects. It also encourages continuous learning and self-improvement by actively engaging in thoughtful conversations.

  3. Networking and community building: Discussion forums facilitate connections between like-minded individuals who share similar interests or goals. Participants can engage in conversations, build relationships, and collaborate with others who have similar passions or professional backgrounds. This networking aspect can lead to valuable partnerships, collaborations and friendships.

  4. Problem-solving and support: Discussion forums often serve as a valuable resource for troubleshooting problems and finding solutions. Whether it's technical issues, personal challenges or professional dilemmas, forums allow individuals to seek guidance, advice, and support from a larger community. The collective wisdom and diverse perspectives can offer innovative solutions to complex problems.

  5. Exposure to diverse opinions: Discussion forums bring together people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This diversity fosters an environment where individuals can encounter contrasting viewpoints and engage in meaningful debates. Exposure to diverse opinions helps in critical thinking, broadening perspectives, and understanding alternative viewpoints.

  6. Access to expert advicefrom industry experts, professionals and experienced individuals. Engaging with such experts can provide valuable insights, practical advice, and guidance in specific areas of interest. Access to expert advice can save time, prevent mistakes, and accelerate personal or professional growth.

  7. Platform for self-expression: Discussion forums offer individuals an opportunity to express themselves, share their opinions, and contribute to meaningful conversations. It allows participants to engage in debates, present arguments, and defend their perspectives. This platform encourages free speech and gives individuals a voice to express themselves in a respectful and moderated environment.

Overall, discussion forums can be valuable platforms for learning, problem-solving, networking and personal growth. They provide a sense of community, foster collaboration, and enable individuals to connect with like-minded people worldwide.


  1. AABP.Today (https://www.aabp.today/) is open to any current AABP Member, Member Student, Honor Roll or AABP VIP.

  2. All members must create a USER ID to utilize the system, USER ID's must be the members FIRST and LAST NAME, no other user IDs are accepted. (All NEW member accounts are moderated, to verify that they are current, active AABP members, this process can take up to 2 business days)

  3. All users must be current AABP members, and any membership that expires will also be expired on the AABP.Today platform.

  4. When you create your user account, you must assign a password; that password does not have to the same password you use for the members area of the AABP web site.

    The AABP Board of Directors has approved the following policies for AABP.Today:

    1. Subscribers are required to engage in civil and professional discourse. Personal attacks to other members will not be tolerated. Disagreement should be professional and constructive.

    2. Commercial solicitation is prohibited. Job announcements, educational opportunities/meetings or references to commercial products in the course of discussion are allowed.

    3. Subscribers should observe rules of veterinary medical ethics including disclosure of any potential or inherent conflict of interest. Disclosure of conflicts of interest should be contained within the body of the message. Members can have a conflict of interest and post to the discussion as long as such conflict is disclosed.

    4. Discussions of a religious or political nature must be avoided unless these are germane to the veterinary topic being discussed.

    5. Professional fees for veterinary services, mark-ups, and other charges should not be discussed on AABP.Today. Subscribers may post business-related topics as long as specific fee amounts are not included in the discussion.

    6. Topics and messages must be relevant to the practice of veterinary medicine. Non-bovine topics relevant to veterinary medicine are allowed. If the subscriber is unsure if a post is not appropriate for AABP.Today, the post should be sent to the primary forum moderator for approval prior to sending.

    7. Subscribers may not reproduce or re-send in any way any message from AABP.Today without the consent of the author of the post. If a thread has multiple posts, each author must be contacted to ask for permission to post their response Such a request should be sent privately to each author. Discussions on AABP.Today are to be considered confidential and meant only for subscribers of AABP.Today; however, AABP and the AABP BoD cannot guarantee the confidentiality of any post.

    8. Subscribers should refrain from responding to messages to the forum that can be sent privately. Examples would include messages such as “thank you”, “I agree” or messages not relevant to the current thread.

    9. Subscribers should be aware and cautious of who the recipient is when sending messages. Once a message is posted, it is distributed to all subscribers of AABP.Today. A message can be deleted from the archives by sending a request to the AABP Executive Director who may remove the message from the archives at his/her discretion. Any message sent to AABP.Today may be read by any present or future subscriber.

    10. Messages can contain images and pictures if they are relevant to the discussion.

    The Forum Managers and ED shall monitor AABP.Today and privately contact any subscribers who violate the above policies with a warning message. Subscribers who violate AABP.Today policy can have sanctions placed on them at the discretion of the forum moderators and AABP ED in consultation, if necessary, with the AABP Executive Committee. Sanctions imposed can include warning, moderated status (temporary or permanent) or removal (temporary or permanent). Any sanction imposed may be appealed to the AABP BoD by contacting the district director. All decisions of the AABP BoD are considered final. While AABP.Today is a privilege of AABP membership, members can be removed permanently from the discussion forum by the AABP BoD for violating discussion forum policies.