Preconference Seminars

Preconfence seminars are a great way to start your week at the AABP Conference. Preconference seminars are open only to AABP and AASRP members.

Register early for these limited enrollment seminars as many fill early. Some seminars are multi-day sessions, that you can register for one or all days.

Any seminar without sufficient registrants is subject to being cancelled on or before August 15th.

Preconference Seminars offered prior to this year's conference.
Seminar # Description Start Date Fee
Seminar S01 Milk Quality and Mastitis: Machines, People, Antibiotics and Pathogens 10/3/2021 $500
Seminar S02 Case Based Nutrition Troubleshooting 10/6/2021 $225
Seminar S03 The Replacement Heifer from Birth to Calving 10/3/2021 $575
Seminar S04 Beef Heifer Development 10/6/2021 $250
Seminar S05 Understanding the Dairy Enterprise 10/6/2021 $350
Seminar S06 Bovine Vaccination: Science and Strategies 10/6/2021 $250
Seminar S07 Applying Clinical Pharmacology in Practice: The Balance Between Wizardry and Paralyzing Indecision 10/5/2021 $400
Seminar S08 CANCELLED - Practical Applications of Genetics for Client and Clinician Success 10/6/2021 $225
Seminar S09A Tools and Concepts for Making Evidence-Based Decision: Level 1 -using spreadsheets 10/5/2021 $225
Seminar S09B Tools and Concepts for Making Evidence-Based Decision: Level 2 –Making better decisions with data 10/6/2021 $225
Seminar S10 Edwin Robertson Advanced ET Seminar 10/6/2021 $275
Seminar S11 CANCELLED - Animal Welfare Implementation: A Boots on the Ground Approach for Effective Welfare on Farms, Ranches and Feedyards 10/6/2021 $250
Seminar S12 Mental Health First Aid 10/6/2021 $175
Seminar S13 Practice Financial Health, Value, Ownership & Retirement 10/6/2021 $225
Seminar S20 Food Educators Symposium (Must be employed in Academia) 10/6/2021 $0