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The purpose of the AABP Foundation – Zoetis Scholarship is to identify and support the most superior students in veterinary school with a graduation year of 2021 that demonstrate the character, knowledge, experience, motivation, and potential to become outstanding bovine veterinarians in the United States, prepared to meet the needs of the 21st century. The scholarship provides them with a one-time cash award to be used at their discretion to provide them with unique educational experiences to maximize their preparation for the future.  

In 2019, twelve $5,000 scholarships were granted to AABP student members through the AABP Foundation and Zoetis.

The AABP Foundation announces the availability of these scholarships for 2020, with selection of recipients made by the AABP Amstutz Scholarship Committee. Announcement of the scholarship recipients will be made prior to the AABP Conference. Scholarship recipients will be encouraged to attend the AABP Annual Conference in Louisville, KY., September, 24-26, 2020 to receive their awards in person. Conference attendance is not mandatory to receive the scholarship funds. Attendees will be publicly recognized and receive their scholarship during the Friday evening Amstutz Auction sponsored by Zoetis.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a student AABP member
  2. Be enrolled in a college/school of veterinary medicine accredited by the AVMA Council on Education
  3. Will graduate in 2021 at the time of application. Students enrolled in other years of the curriculum are not eligible to apply.
  4. Intend to engage in bovine veterinary medicine in the United States or Canada after graduation
  5. Be a United States citizen
  6. To be considered for the Zoetis scholarship, you must register on VetVance, a FREE resource dedicated to helping young veterinarians launch their careers. If you have not already registered to be a member of the VetVance community, please visit online here.

Completed electronic applications and two (2) electronic letters of reference must be received on the AABP website by 5 pm EDT May 29th.

The committee evaluates the character, knowledge, experience, motivation, and potential of each applicant to become an outstanding bovine veterinarian in the United States. The evaluation is based on information from the electronic application about the student’s experiences, academic achievements, and extracurricular activities. The applicant’s ability to provide written answers to two essay questions is also evaluated. Information on the applicant is also evaluated from two (2) required electronic letters of recommendation, one of which must be from an AABP member on the faculty of the student’s veterinary school.


Click here to submit an electronic application. The online application at this link consists of the following::

  1. Name, contact information, and veterinary school details. Insure that the email and phone numbers provided will be current and monitored during the summer months when the scholarships are announced.
  2. Current cumulative veterinary school GPA through December, 2019 and current class rank (i.e. 5th out of a class of 110 should be submitted as 5/110). If GPA is not calculated at your school, class rank only will be adequate. NOTE: The AABP member of faculty who provides one of the mandatory letters of recommendation will be requested to verify the information provided on GPA/class rank as part of the letter.
  3. A biographical narrative of your background and interest in the cattle industry, animal agriculture, and veterinary medicine. Discuss factors that stimulated your interest and involvement in bovine medicine, your academic background and interests, and your extracurricular activities (LIMIT: 2,500 characters or less, including spaces – approximately 500 words).
  4. Describe your plans following graduation from veterinary school to become part of bovine veterinary medicine in the United States (LIMIT: 2,500 characters or less, including spaces – approximately 500 words).
  5. List all scholarships/loans/grants/other financial support awards you have received while in veterinary school.
  6. Answer the first essay question (LIMIT: 500 words or less, including spaces): What does "antibiotic stewardship" mean to you?
  7. Answer the second essay question (LIMIT: 500 words or less, including spaces): Compare either beef OR dairy practice today to where you think it will be in 10 years.
  8. If selected as an AABP Foundation - Zoetis scholarship recipient, how do you plan to use the money from the award? (LIMIT: 500 words or less)
  9. Two electronic letters of recommendation are mandatory for your application to be considered. These should be from persons who can provide information on your worthiness for an AABP Foundation – Zoetis Scholarship award. An additional mandatory requirement is for at least one of the two letters of recommendation to be written by an AABP member on faculty at your veterinary school. Failure to have two letters, as described, will disqualify your application. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure the letters of reference have been submitted prior to the deadline. Please ask the persons submitting a letter of recommendation to return to this page (About the AABP Foundation - Zoetis Scholarship ) and click on Letters of Recommendation to submit a letter of recommendation for you. They must submit their letters electronically not later than 5 pm EDT May 29, 2020.

    Your completed electronic application and two letters of recommendation must be received electronically through the AABP web site (https://.aabp.org) no later than 5 pm EDT May 29, 2020. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Previously entered applications can be reviewed or edited here.

Following an electronic submission, an applicant should receive an electronic reply to the e-mail address indicated in the application which confirms electronic receipt of the application. If e-mail confirmation is not received within one working day, please contact the AABP Office.

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