Currently Available Veterinarian Resumes



Name Objective City State Vet School Enter Date
Ian Doody  I would like to find a progressive mixed animal practice that sees a bit of everything, with a heavy focus on ruminant species. I am open to doing horses, dogs, and cats as well as some swine and birds. I would really like a practice that is able to help me develop my surgical skills as well since surgery is one of my interests, though at this time I am not willing to undertake the additional time and financial commitment that a surgical residency would entail. I am interested in practice ownership with the right practice in the right location.   Damascus  MD  Virginia Maryland  9/6/2021 
Jared Schenkels  I am a current 4th year student at Atlantic Veterinary College and am looking to join a private practice as a dairy veterinarian. Ideally I would do 100% dairy herd health services. Stated objective is to provide farmers and cows with quality veterinary care, services, and advice in a caring, fair and trustworthy manner while promoting responsible animal ownership, environmental stewardship, and farm profitability. Located in Canada but willing to relocate for the right practice.   CHARLOTTETOWN  PE  Atlantic Veterinary College  7/19/2021 
Keiley Ayers  I am a current 4th year at Virginia-Maryland, tracking Food Animal. I am looking for a mixed large animal opportunity at a private practice. I would be willing to do minimal small animal work (spays/neuters and routine appointments), but would like to avoid getting sucked into majority small animal work. My primary interests include beef, equine, small ruminants, and cervids and I have additional interest in theriogenology. My top locations are TN, NC, western VA, northern GA, and TX but am open to other locations (would prefer mountains!)  Christiansburg  VA  Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine  7/19/2021 
Katriana Jorgensen-Muga  I am a current 4th year student at Washington State University and am looking to join a private practice as a mixed or large animal veterinarian. I have both veterinary and production experience working with dairy cattle, cow/calf operations and feedlots. I am also interested in equine and small ruminant medicine. Ideally I would like to have at least a 50% large animal case load at a practice that has ample mentorship. I am looking to relocate to the eastern Oklahoma and Western Arkansas area.   Pullman  WA  Washington State University   5/25/2021 
Rachel Hanson  WIMU Regional Program (Utah State University Washington State University) DVM Candidate class of 2022 with a desire to practice rural mixed animal medicine with an emphasis in large animal theriogenology and herd health. My ideal position would be a small town practice within the Intermountain West that places an emphasis on mentorship and positive clinic culture.  Pullman  WA  Washington State University  5/25/2021 
Leigh Shaw  I am a current third year (about to start my fourth year in May) at WSU who will graduate in May 2022. I'm interested in primarily dairy practice although I am willing to work with other food animals. I'm looking for a job that will provide a supportive environment for a new graduate somewhere on the West Coast, preferably in Arizona.  Pullman  WA  Washington State University  4/14/2021