2023 AABP Student Representatives

The AABP Student Representative serves as the designated liaison to the AABP office and their fellow students. The student representative is responsible for disseminating announcements from AABP to students, submitting their school's Quiz Bowl team names and coordinating Amstutz Scholarship auction items.

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School Student Representative
ARZ Ashtin Kaumans
CAL Paulina Wolswinkel
GA Erica Webb
IL Brooke Kruse
KS Cody Minyard
LMU Nathan Schank
MI Caly Bornsen
MO Jessica Warwick
NC Payton Smith
OH Bailey DeGroat
OR Abi Drotzmann
PA Mairin Heffernan
PUR Kelsey D`Amico
ROS Carla Joseph
STG Megan Gilmore
TT Jenna Roth
UCD Jenelle Pawluk
WI Morgan Anderson