2023 Student Case Presentations
Thursday, September 21, 2023

Date/Time Title Presenter
13:30 Relationship between passive immune status on calf health and performance in embryo transfer calves raised in a confined cow-calf operation  Alexis Stadtlander
13:45 Effect of outside temperature during the first 10 days of life on the development of ultrasonographic pneumonia at 10-28 days in Holstein calves  Kailey Wichman
14:00 Does knowledge of blood calcium at 2 DIM impact decisions of calcium supplementation?  Hannah McCray
14:15 Investigating the impact of clinical intramammary infection timing relative to breeding on conception in dairy cattle  Tanya Weber
14:30 You Did What?  Lindsey Tarby
14:45 Sperm granuloma in a bull  Dylan Bostick
15:00 Itís Not Anaplasmosis!   Hailey Drerup
15:15 A randomized, controlled trial examining the effects of quarter-level somatic cell count and culture-based results against blanket dry cow therapy on early-lactation production outcomes  Kelsey D`Amico
16:00 Evaluation of changes in the prevalence and distribution of Anaplasma marginale in Iowa beef cattle operations (2017-2021).  McKenna Brinning-Henningsen
16:15 Colic and pear-shaped abdominal distention in a 2-year-old Angus embryo donor heifer  Sierra Shelit