2024 Student Case Presentations
Thursday, September 12, 2024

Date/Time Title Presenter
1:30 pm Development of a Bovine Displaced Abomasum Model  Nathan Schank
1:45 pm Investigating the Association of Prepartum Liver Health Index and Metabolic Health Postpartum   Thomas Wehri
2:00 pm Intermittent Seizures in a Show Heifer  Haley Dueñas
2:15 pm A Case-Control Study to Evaluate Differences in Pathogen Load and Moraxella bovis Serum Antibody Level on the incidence of Infectious Bovine Keratoconjunctivitis (IBK) in Suckling Beef Calves  Adri Scholten Tilstra
2:30 pm Investigating the Impact of Propylene Glycol Administration on Hyperketonemia, Considering Metabolite Concentrations  Alyssa Gathje
2:45 pm A randomized-controlled trial examining the effects of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug administered at the time of dry-off to lactating dairy cows  Kiara Nobbe
3:00 pm Evaluation of topical flunixin meglumine compared to antimicrobial treatment on BRD re-treatment and mortality in pre-weaned dairy calves  Emma Sells
3:15 pm Oral fibropapilloma and weight-loss in a 4 year old Angus bull  Kadden Kothmann
4:00 pm Mesothelioma in a Mature Beef Cow  Chris Box
4:15 pm Spiking Colostrum Replacement Powder Directly into Maternal Colostrum I: Impacts on Transfer of Passive Immunity and Health of Neonatal Dairy Calves   Maggie Brown