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Ian Woodall
800 T McReylonds Road
United States
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My desire is to own my own large animal practice while providing quality medicine for my community. My hopes and aspiration as a veterinarian are to provide leadership in rural areas by educating clients, practicing innovative medicine, and being a good, caring veterinarian for my patients and owners along with establishing lifelong friendships. I believe that the right job with the correct mentorship is an important stepping stone to reaching these goals. I believe that my lifelong experience in large animal medicine, my communication skills, and my work ethic allows me to be “born for this job.” As long as I can remember, I have been around cattle and horses. Growing up on a 200 head of registered Black Angus farm has given me the tools and knowledge needed to know what is important for producers as well as safely handle cattle for their own wellbeing and others around. Duties on the farm included: castrations, vaccinations, artificial insemination, identifying and treating sick animals, record keeping and processing newborns, and assisting with breeding soundness exams. All these things such as managing a farm included driving tractors, fixing machinery, feeding livestock, and fencing. My father Dr. David Woodall has owned a Large Animal clinic serving Southern Kentucky and Northern Tennessee for over 28 years. From a young boy all the way through college I have worked at this clinic. During my time there I have assisted in emergency care after hours, wound care, surgical procedures, and in hospital treatment and husbandry for equine and bovine patients. Over my time I have learned how to do call-backs to owners, discuss the financial aspects of treatments with clients, and facilitate the communication between doctors and clients as well. In my breaks from school, I have taken it upon myself to do many externships to experience how other clinics work to push my perspective. I have spent time with Dr. Jon Park at Park Equine, Weatherford Equine in Weatherford, Texas, and Countryside Veterinary Services in Greely, Colorado. I believe that each one of these experiences has added to my skills and focus on becoming a Large Animal Veterinarian.

Date resume was submitted:    1/31/2023 

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