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Veterinary Practice Information:

Dennis L. Trautwein
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Practice Name:
Holmes Wayne Veterinary Services
8461 State Route 241
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 Looking for an individual who prefers a long term position and who would like to take over the practice in the future. The perspective associate could only be on call as little as one weeknight a week and one weekend a month. 
Training Required:
Experience Desired:
 Farm background preferred 
 negotiable Looking for someone to help along with the workload and not someone to make extra money for the owner. 
 Dues and health benefits included Continuing education expenses covered  

Species Percentages:

Beef:  3 Dairy:  30  Swine:  0  Small Ruminants:  5 
Equine:  15  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  2  Small Animals:  45 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 Clinic remodeled 2 years ago. You will also be provided with your truck and bowie unit. Digital radiography, ultrasounds, and endoscopes provided.  
Other Personnel :  Currently only one veterinarian but there would easy be enough work for at least two other veterinarians. Currently have 1 full time and 2 part time assistants. 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Currently serving both conventional and organic dairies. The equine part of the practice is mostly reproductive services and sale prepping. The small animal portion of the practice is reproductive oriented. Currently not scheduling any routine pet services. Our clients are for the most part very appreciative. The dairy, equine and canine clients are all family oriented businesses. You can actually discuss things with the owner and not just have to deal with a hired hand! 
Practice Area:  Practice is located 1 mile north of Mt Hope. Mt. Hope is home to one of the largest livestock auctions in Ohio and has many, many horse sales throughout the year. Practice situated in the rolling hills near the Holmes / Wayne county line. Situated approximately half way between Columbus and Cleveland. Practice radius is less than 20 miles so you will not spend a lot of time just driving between calls. 

Date job was submitted:    1/4/2023 

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