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Veterinary Practice Information:

Maryrose Beasley
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Practice Name:
Homestead Veterinary Service
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Job Description:

 Homestead Veterinary Service is looking to expand their team with a new practicing clinician! Compensation includes health insurance, vacation time, paid CE credits, and assistance with student loan repayment options, with additional benefits provided. Mentorship is provided to new graduates! Salary for a first-year graduate will start at approximately $80,000 per year, with on-call bonuses per emergency. Experience and productivity will help influence salary. Homestead Veterinary Services is a rural mixed animal clinic, located 45 miles north of Billings MT, in the heart of cowboy country! Our caseload is equally split 50/50 small and large animals, in both time and revenue-earned. There is a growing demand for small ruminants, exotics, and poultry specialties, if those are areas you would like to pursue. Day-to-day workload varies depending on the season, as we work on all species. Patients are predominantly brought into the clinic, but we have a fully stocked ambulatory vet truck that is provided for day time appointments, and large animal after-hours emergencies. Other amenities include in-house digital radiology and portable digital radiology for large animals which is also capable of taking dental radiographs. We have portable ultrasound machines with convex and linear transducers, portable silencer chute, Grady laser, and Abaxis blood (CBC/Chem/thyroid, etc.) machines. Homestead Veterinary Service has its own certified EIA lab for Coggins tests. Our surgery suite has a heated surgery table, Iso gas anesthesia, and wireless patient monitor which automatically uploads to the patient’s file and records vitals throughout the procedures. Living expenses in larger Montana towns continue to grow, which, in comparison, makes Roundup a much more affordable place to live. Clients are moving from all over the USA to this beautiful, remote town to escape the hustle of big-city living and to feel the freedom Montana has to offer. We are averaging 5 new clients a week! The small town of Roundup welcomes new visitors with open arms and offers two grocery stores, a brand new grade school, and nearly new middle/high school as well as a few family-owned restaurants and other misc. stores. We offer endless options of exploring nature, fishing, rodeos, farmer’s markets, etc., balancing this with the nearby metropolis of Billings, which supports larger stores, theaters, hospitals, an international airport, and much more! Roundup is an old Montana town full of history and stories yet to be told! Come and check us out. We’d love for you to call this small town your new home!  
Training Required:
Experience Desired:
 While all applicants will be considered, we prefer experience. We believe our mentorship is second to none. 
 We offer a variety of benefit ideas. Health, accident, vehicles, cell phones, etc. Willing to discuss! 

Species Percentages:

Beef:  40 Dairy:  1  Swine:  1  Small Ruminants:  1 
Equine:  15  Poultry:  1  Exotics:  1  Small Animals:  40 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 Several buildings, including barns, silencer chute, portable digital radiology, inhouse blood machines, laser and more. 
Other Personnel :  Experienced techs 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Cow/calf ranch clients, makeup the majority of large animal work. Small animal work keeps us warm during the winter months! 
Practice Area:  Rural eastern Montana, lots of ranches, driving radius of approx. 100 miles. This is beautiful country! 

Date job was submitted:    6/24/2022 

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