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Veterinary Practice Information:

Maryrose Beasley
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Practice Name:
Homestead Veterinary Service
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Job Description:

 Homestead Veterinary Service is a very mixed practice, located 45 miles north of Billings in the heart of cowboy country! Our work is pretty equally split 50/50 large and small, in both time and revenue earned. Sprinkled in those numbers are the exotics, birds and small ruminants. Work is varied, fun and low stress. While most clients bring their animals to the clinic, we do some ambulatory calls, which we love. Several large ranch clients require our traveling to them. Montana is an amazing part of our country! Clients are moving here from all over the USA resulting in our seeing one to five new clients a week. The work varies from day to day and season to season. We have a lot of toys, including portable silencer chute, digital portable radiology, inhouse digital radiology, blood machines, ultrasounds, lasers, and our own EIA lab. CE credits are available throughout the year. The majority of our clients are common sense, ranch type people. We're proud of our community, the new schools and the abundance of nature. We enjoy fishing, swimming, skiing, rodeos, and music festivals. Billings is nearby with theaters, shopping, excellent restaurants and other entertainment. The owner desires retirement, so there’s an excellent chance to buy in. Compensation includes health insurance, vacation, CE, student loan repayment options, etc. We’re open to ideas! Total compensation for a first-year graduate will start at approximately $80,000, and will depend on experience and production. We expect to be very competitive. Roundup is an old Montana town, full of history and stories yet to be told! We hope you come to check us out! We'd love for you to call this home.  
Training Required:
Experience Desired:
 Prefer a minimum of one year, but will consider all applicants 
 Depends on experience but we will be very competitive. 
 We offer a variety of benefit ideas. Health, accident, vehicles, cell phones, etc. Willing to discuss! 

Species Percentages:

Beef:  40 Dairy:  1  Swine:  1  Small Ruminants:  1 
Equine:  15  Poultry:  1  Exotics:  1  Small Animals:  40 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 Several buildings, including barns, silencer chute, portable digital radiology, inhouse blood machines, laser and more. 
Other Personnel :  Experienced techs 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Cow/calf ranch clients, makeup the majority of large animal work. Small animal work keeps us warm during the winter months! 
Practice Area:  Rural eastern Montana, lots of ranches, driving radius of approx. 100 miles. This is beautiful country! 

Date job was submitted:    6/24/2022 

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