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Veterinary Practice Information:

Meghan Harrison
Practice Name:
Nashville Animal Hospital
202 Hwy 27
Nashville     Google Maps
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 We are looking for an associate who is a good team player and has a good work ethic. Good communication skills are a must, and we need someone willing to both learn and grow in our profession and also be able to teach others. We are a fast growing and busy 3 1/2 vet mixed animal practice in Nashville AR, and we offer many opportunities for a new associate. We are currently 45% small animal, 50% beef (mostly cow calf) and 5% equine. Right now we are needing another large animal vet willing to spend 75-80% of their time working with beef cattle. Gross pay before benefits will be easily over 100k (more with experience) with an added 50% health insurance, retirement, a work vehicle, all CE and association dues paid, and 3 full weeks of vacation and 6 personal days of paid leave. We are very family oriented and offer you an average 4 day work week with a 4 day week-end (Thursday and Friday off) every 3rd or 4th week. The county we are located in and several counties we serve are all currently listed as underserved and loan repayment opportunities exist as well. We are willing to hire new grads as well as experienced veterinarians, and mentor opportunities exist with multiple vets in the practice. A signing bonus is available and moving expenses paid. We would like to fill this position before October 2021 if possible. 
Training Required:
 DVM degree 
Experience Desired:
 Any experience level accepted 
 Gross 100K  
 50% health insurance, retirement, a work vehicle, all CE and association dues paid, 3 full weeks of vacation and 6 personal days of paid leave, and a four day weekend (off on Thursday and Friday) every 3 or 4 weeks.  

Species Percentages:

Beef:  50 Dairy:  0  Swine:  0  Small Ruminants:  0 
Equine:  5  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  45 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 We are fully equipped with a hydraulic tilt chute, digital large animal radiograph, two ultrasound machines, a portable hydraulic chute for farm calls. A fully stocked work vehicle and fuel will be provided.  
Other Personnel :  2 1/2 other veterinarians, as well as full office and support staff  
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Cattle work consists of mainly cow calf operations. Herd health including vaccine consulting, ultrasounding, and semen testing is the majority of our large animal work.  
Practice Area:  We are in rural southwest Arkansas with quick access to several lakes and rivers for outdoor activities. Larger cities are in close distance with all the amenities you could ever need.  

Date job was submitted:    5/5/2021 

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