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Veterinary Practice Information:

Paul D. Motter D.V.M.
Practice Name:
Cooperstown Veterinary Clinic
P.O. Box 117
Cooperstown    Google Maps
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 We would like to add a dependable, personable, energetic Veterinarian with strong work and personal ethics to our mixed practice. We would like this to be a long term position with potential partnership and possible future ownership potential. Duties would include approximately 1/2 of the clinical duties, on farm work, and after hours/emergency duties. Species preferences can be accommodated to a degree, but applicants should be willing and able to provide at least basic care for the common species. 
Training Required:
 DVM., North Dakota license, Federal Accreditation. 
Experience Desired:
 Practice experience is preferred, but new graduates are encouraged to apply. Applicants should be able to safely, and effectively work with a variety of animal species in a variety of situations.  
 Salary would be competitive, negotiable, and likely better than average, depending upon experience and abilities. 
 We would include health insurance, disability insurance, employer matched retirement program, AVMA, NDVMA, and one other professional association dues. Veterinarians with outstanding student loans would be eligible to apply for the North Dakota Veterinary Student Loan Repayment program. 

Species Percentages:

Beef:  54 Dairy:  1  Swine:  0  Small Ruminants:  0 
Equine:  4  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  41 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 We have a well equipped haul in facility for pets, cattle and horses and pickups with Bowie inserts for farm calls and herd work. We have portable ultrasound units for use with cattle, horses and pets, CR X-ray system for large and small animals; Abaxis CBC, blood chemistry and clotting machines. We have a Formost manual squeeze chute, HiQual hydraulic squeeze chute and several headgates in the clinic, hospital/holding/treatment pens, and calf IV cages in an isolated room. We have a hydraulic stationary tilt table, portable Silencer hydraulic squeeze chute, and other portable chutes for herd work in the country. We have several electro-ejaculators and other equipment for routine bovine work. We have equine dental equipment including a Power Float and stocks. We have Isoflurane gas anesthesia for small animals, ultrasonic scaler, and pulse oximeter for small animals. 
Other Personnel :  We currently have 1 full time Veterinarian, 1 licensed technician, 1 graduate technician, 1 full time assistant, a full time Office Manager, a Part time receptionist. 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 We are a general small mixed animal practice. We provide a wide variety of services to our clients and patients. We do general bovine cow-calf work including reproductive services (Bull Breeding Soundness Exams, reproductive palpation, ultrasound, obstetrical work), we custom process cattle, general medicine and surgery, provide lameness diagnosis and treatment, and see some performance bulls (Bucking Bulls). We provide equine reproductive services including fresh and frozen semen mare insemination, stallion semen collection and shipment, pregnancy diagnosis and management. We do general medicine, lameness diagnosis and treatments, minor equine surgeries and preventive care. For small animals we provide preventive care, general medicine and general routine surgeries and dentistry. We have a loyal client base in a long established practice area.  
Practice Area:  Cooperstown has a population of ~1000 people and is in a safe, friendly, rural area of east-central North Dakota. We have a variety of small manufacturing, retail and other businesses in the area to provide most essential goods and services. Cooperstown is the county seat for Griggs County. We have the Sheriffs office, court house, FSA, NRCS, and the county fair in town. We have the Grade School and High School, an active Community Club, Council for the Arts, Historical Society, Gardening Club, and a Fitness Center. Cooperstown has a local Medical Clinic, Hospital, Nursing Home, pharmacy, and chiropractor. Our Winters can be severe, but the weather the rest of the year generally makes up for our Winters. Our clients are generally equipped for weather conditions. We are about 90 miles from Fargo and from Grand Forks, 75 miles from the city of Devils Lake, and 60 miles from Jamestown in the event "Big Town" activities or shopping is required. There is ample access to outdoor activities. Devils Lake, Ashtabula Lake, and several smaller lakes in the area provide excellent Walleye, Northern Pike, and pan fish fishing opportunities. We have waterfowl, grouse, deer, and furbearer hunting opportunities.  

Date job was submitted:    8/15/2018 

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