Genomics and Genetics Committee

The GENOMICS AND GENETICS COMMITTEE shall apprise the Board and membership on all pertinent genomics and genetics issues. The responsibility of this committee is to:

    1. Provide, proactively and upon request, guidance to the Board on emerging aspects of associated technologies, including implications for AABP members, stakeholders, and AABP policies
    2. Suggest genetics and genomics topics and speakers to the AABP Program Planning Committee for the annual conference.
    3. Post genomics and genetics themed articles to AABP-L.
    4. Place articles and abstracts relating to genomics and genetics in the monthly AABP newsletter at least six times per year.
    5. Develop, conduct and promote genomics-and-genetics-themed pre-conference seminars, and regional meetings to educate and encourage AABP members to use genomics and genetics principles in their dairy and beef practices.
    6. Encourage colleges of veterinary medicine throughout North America to provide students with an appropriate level (or amount) of information in their curricula on the topics of genomics and genetics.

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Name Term End Term Num
Fernando Di Croce (Chair)  2024 1