Date: 9/18/2019

(PHOTO) 2019 AABP Student Case Competition

2019 Student Case Competition

Ten students presented at the AABP Student Case Competition. Overall winner and first place in the Clinical Case presentation was Margaret LaFlamme, University of Tennessee, with “A Case of Late-stage Johne’s Disease in a Young Beef Heifer”.

First place in the Research presentation was Jessica Garcia, The Ohio State University, with “Guiding Antimicrobial Therapy: Prevalence of Bacteremia in Dairy Calves with Diarrhea”; second place was Maddison Tyrrel, Iowa State University, with “Investigation of Presence, Tissue Distribution and Concentrations of Residues Associated with Barbiturate Administration for Euthanasia”.

L-R: Jessica Garcia, Dr. Keelan Lewis, Maddison Tyrrel

PHOTO Credit: Lizz Bauer/AABP