Amstutz - Williams Award

The award was established in 1986 by the American Association of Bovine Practitioners in honor of Dr. Harold E. Amstutz who served the AABP as secretary-treasurer and executive vice president until 1993, and Dr. Eric I. Williams who was the editor of the Bovine Practitioner and Proceedings Book from 1969 until 1998.

The award was made to recognize the long and distinguished services of the two honorees. It will be the highest honor that can be bestowed by the AABP and this will only be presented when a highly qualified individual is nominated and selected for outstanding service to the veterinary profession. The recipient receives a hand carved wooden bull.

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Past Award Winners

Award Recipient City State Year
M. Gatz Riddell Jr. Auburn AL 2016
Samuel Hutchins III Bradford VT 2008
John L. Noordsy Sioux Falls SD 2004
James A. Jarrett Rome GA 2003
Donald E. Williams Perryton TX 2001
Otto M. Radostits Saskatoon SK 1998
Ben D. Harrington Raleigh NC 1996
Elmer Woelffer Oconomowoc WI 1994
Leland C. Allenstein Whitewater WI 1989
Harold E. Amstutz W. Lafayette IN 1986
Eric I. Williams Stillwater OK 1986