AABP Award of Excellence

Sponsor: American Association of Bovine Practitioners Board
Previous Sponsor(s): American Cyanamid, Hoffman LaRoche, Alpharma
Purpose: Recognition of the nomineesí professional activities that have had a consistent and direct influence on daily activities of veterinarians in bovine practice.
Eligibility: Candidates for the award must be nominated from academia, research, industry, and government areas, with a degree in veterinary medicine and membership in AABP.
Frequency of Presentation: The award is presented annually at the AABP Annual Conference.
Description: The AABP Award of Excellence recognizes those individuals who have made contributions to continuing education for bovine practitioners, have actively participated in organized veterinary medicine and/or specialty boards, maintained relationships with and contributions to the bovine industry, have authored publications that have had a significant impact on the practice of bovine medicine and/or participated in regulatory or legislative activities that have enhanced the practice of bovine medicine. The award consists of a commemorative plaque.

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All Award nominations are due by May 30, 2024.


Past Award Winners

Award Recipient City State Year
Meredyth Jones Cook Orlando Oklahoma 2022
Nigel B. Cook Waunakee WI 2021
Terry W. Lehenbauer Tulare CA 2020
Sandra Godden St. Paul MN 2019
Virginia Fajt College Station TX 2018
David F. Kelton Guelph ON 2017
Dale M. Grotelueschen Harvard NE 2016
David R. Smith Mississippi State MS 2015
Johann F. Coetzee Manhattan KS 2014
Kenneth V. Nordlund Madison WI 2013
Roger G. Ellis Granville NY 2012
James P. Reynolds Visalia CA 2011
Dale A. Moore Moscow ID 2010
Pamela L. Ruegg E. Lansing MI 2009
Charles L. Guard Lansing NY 2008
Garrett R. Oetzel Middleton WI 2007
Jan K. Shearer Ames IA 2006
John Fetrow Langley WA 2005
Bruce L. Hull Westerville OH 2004
Steven E. Wikse Austin TX 2003
Dee Griffin Lincoln NE 2002
R. Kenneth Braun Gainesville FL 2001
Mike D. Apley Manhattan KS 2000
M. Gatz Riddell Jr. Auburn AL 1999
Sheila McGuirk Dodgeville WI 1998
Victor S. Cortese Louisville KY 1997
Duane E. Flack Greeley CO 1996
Louis J. Perino MONTICELLO FL 1995
Dan W. Upson Manhattan KS 1994
Gary P. Rupp Oak NE 1993
Jeffrey K. Reneau St. Paul MN 1992
Ken Leslie Guelph ON 1991
Erich Studer Carnation WA 1990
Glen F. Hoffsis Westerville OH 1989