Clinical Skills

Camelid sick medicine

Date/Time: 2/9/2024   3:00:00 PM - 3:30:00 PM
Speaker: Blake Miller Portland OR
Objective of Talk The objective of this presentation is to provide recent bovine-focused veterinary graduates with a comprehensive understanding of most common health issues encountered in camelids, enhancing their ability to diagnose and manage these conditions effectively. Through a combination of visually engaging content and simplified explanations, the presentation aims to bridge the knowledge gap and equip the audience with practical insights into sick camelid medicine. Covering prevalent concerns such as respiratory infections, gastrointestinal disorders, parasitic infestations, dental problems, and more, the presentation seeks to empower veterinarians to confidently address the diverse healthcare needs of camelids in their professional practice. By showcasing a range of informative images and presenting information in an accessible manner, the goal is to ensure that graduates are well-prepared to provide optimal care and improve the well-being of sick camelid patients.