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Veterinary Practice Information:

Joe Tashjian DVM
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Practice Name:
Springville Veterinary Services,PC
10055 Middle Rd
East Concord    
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 Springville Veterinary Services is currently seeking large animal veterinarians. A little about SVS: We are a small all-ambulatory practice based in Springville, NY 35 miles south of Buffalo NY. We cover a large area in Western New York state, serving a client base that is continually growing. Our patients are (approximately) 70% equine, 25% bovine, and 5% other livestock species. The dairies we provide for range from 10 cows to 1400, and our equine patients range from backyard pets to international competitors. A Little about the position: All-ambulatory in a rural setting means our vets do a fair amount of driving. As such we provide each vet a 4x4 work truck, customized for ambulatory medicine, and that stays with them during off-hours. This is a team operation, and we place great importance on professionalism, respect, and courtesy in the workplace, which helps us maintain a friendly working environment for all. Emergency call is shared among the veterinarians(including the owner), and we try very hard to make sure that duty never overburdens one person. We believe in fair work, fair pay, and supporting our employees' health and wellbeing. Compensation is very competitive, and benefits include three weeks paid time off, health, disability, and liability insurance, continuing education, and a retirement plan. Possible opportunity for ownership/partnership/etc for interested and qualified candidates. A Little on the owner: As a child Joe Tashjian spent summers at his grandfatherís cattle/sheep ranch in Montana, and developed an early love for animals. A New York State native, he earned a DVM from Cornell University in 1984 and has been practicing since then. Heís accumulated a lifetime of experience, pursuing an avid interest in equine reproduction, while mentoring dozens of veterinarians along the way. SVS has grown approximately 700% since he purchased it 25 years ago, and the market for veterinary work in WNY is growing faster than ever. Dr. Joe(as all the clients know him) has 2 horses(dirty), 7 chickens(fox got the 8th), 4 children(great), and 3 grandchildren(even better), and has contemplated one day retiring so he can spend more time with them all. A Little on our location: Springville is a small town of about 4300 residents. It boasts beautiful scenery, great food and drink, a vibrant sports culture, ample opportunity and space for outdoor activities, many local art and cultural events, and the inhabitants are known for being exceedingly friendly. Itís a great town for kids or people who like the outdoors(we do get summer here too!). And for those with more cosmopolitan tastes Buffalo is 35 minutes away, and is NYís second largest city. Itís a quickly growing economy with many work opportunities for significant others, and also has great food, national sports(Go Bills), world-class arts/theater, multiple well regarded universities, shopping, an international airport, and a whole lot more. Itís a city with a lot of charm and character, and if youíve never had a Buffalo wing in Buffalo, youíve never had a real Buffalo wing. If you join SVS and must move to the area we will do all we can to make the transition easy. We can provide help/guidance with finding housing, choosing a local community that speaks to you, and making Western New York your new home. Please contact us for more information or to schedule an interview: (716) 474-7409 And check out our website for more on what we do *Currently SVS is looking for full-time veterinarians, but part-time may be considered.  
Training Required:
 DVM or equivalent 
Experience Desired:
 any experience level encouraged to apply. We practice more than one type of veterinary medicine so we will consider various skill-sets and specialties. The ideal candidate would have experience working in both the dairy and equine industries. But a candidate with good problem-solving abilities and a willingness to learn is also great. 
 health, professional liability, disability, life insurance, 3 wks paid time off per year, continuing education, dues and subscriptions to professional organizations.  

Species Percentages:

Beef:  2 Dairy:  23  Swine:  1  Small Ruminants:  4 
Equine:  70  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  0 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 Each SVS veterinarian drives a modern and well-maintained vehicle(4X4 pick-up, custom drawers/rig) and uses modern and well-maintained equipment; digital radiography and ultrasound, endoscope, in house lab includes chemistry analyzer, cbc, saa, bacterial culture( mostly bovine milk samples and mare uterine cultures), in house quantitative fecal egg counts,  
Other Personnel :  3-5 veterinarians, 1 field technician, 1 technician in the office, 1 full time and one part-time office personnel 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Mostly general Equine and Dairy work, some emphasis on equine reproduction, lameness and dentistry. Our practice emphasizes excellent client relationships and service, not the lowest prices in the area. Many farms and equine clients have been with the practice for three decades.  
Practice Area:  Western New York State is a great place to live, love, and play, and-- as we can attest-- a great place to start a family. Opportunities abound for many outdoor activities; winter sports, hunting, hiking, skiing, the world's best walleye fishery, an active snowmobile scene, and more. Springville is a charming small town that boasts shopping, art galleries, breweries, theater, and an outstanding school system. Buffalo, NY is 40 minutes away, and the states second-largest city offering sports, active waterfront, world-class food and drink, a vibrant arts scene, multiple world class universities, and tons of opportunities for a spouse or significant other to find work. Western New Yorkers are an uncommonly friendly people, and salt-of-the-earth hard workers. Come visit and we'll prove it to you. 

Date job was submitted:    10/4/2020 

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