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Preconference Seminars

Preconfence seminars are a great way to start your weekAABP PreConference at the AABP Conference. Preconference seminars are open only to AABP and AASRP members. Register early for these limited enrollment seminars as many fill early. Some seminars are multi-day sessions, that you can register for one or all days.

Any seminar without sufficient registrants is subject to being cancelled on or before August 1, 2018.

Preconference Seminars offered prior to this year's conference.
Seminar # Description Start Date Fee
Seminar 01 Quality Milk Production: The milking center, mastitis and antibiotics 9/10/2018 $400
Seminar 02 Beef Cattle Nutrition 9/10/2018 $335
Seminar 03 The Replacement Heifer from Birth to Calving 9/9/2018 $500
Seminar 04 Dairy Ration Design and Protein/Amino Acid Balancing 9/10/2018 $230
Seminar 05 Understanding and Maximizing Milk Fat on the Dairy 9/12/2018 $275
Seminar 06 Dairy Nutrition-Learn the Basics and How to Understand Rations and Forage Analysis 9/12/2018 $225
Seminar 07 Breeding Soundness Exams: Success is in Your Hands 9/12/2018 $225
Seminar 08 Edwin Robertson Advanced ET Seminar 9/12/2018 $300
Seminar 09 Dairy Reproduction for Success and Profit 9/11/2018 $350
Seminar 10 **CANCELLED**Using the Pregnancy Analytics App to add Value to Beef Cowherd Pregnancy Checks 9/11/2018 $280
Seminar 11 Tools and Concepts for Making Evidence-Based Decisions 9/12/2018 $300
Seminar 12 Dairy Cattle Lameness: A Lesion-Oriented Life Cycle Approach to Managing Hoof Health in Dairy Herds 9/12/2018 $225
Seminar 13 Animal Welfare-Directed Training Programs for Veterinary Practice 9/12/2018 $150
Seminar 14 **CANCELLED**Food Armor« Phase I Training: Building HACCP-based Health Management Plans for Dairy Farms 9/11/2018 $225
Seminar 15 **CANCELLED**Food Armor« Phase II Training:Becoming an Accredited Veterinarian 9/12/2018 $225
Seminar 16 Dairy Cattle Genomics: Fertility and Animal Health 9/11/2018 $100
Seminar 17 Practice Valuation as a Tool for Practice Entrance and Exit Strategies 9/12/2018 $235
Seminar 18 Food Animal Educators Symposium 9/12/2018 0
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