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Preconference SeminarsAABP PreConference

Preconfence seminars are a great way to start your week at the AABP Conference. Preconference seminars are open only to AABP and AASRP members. Register early for these limited enrollment seminars as many fill early. Some seminars are multi-day sessions, that you can register for one or all days.

Any seminar without sufficient registrants is subject to being cancelled on or before August 1, 2014.

2014 Seminar Room Assignments with venue maps

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Preconvention Seminars offered prior to this years conference.
Seminar # Description September Date(s) Fee
Seminar 01A Milking Equipment Evaluation 1A 9/15/2014 $300
Seminar 01B Milking Equipment Evaluation 1B 9/16/2014 $300
Seminar 02 Basic Nutrition 9/14/2014 $450
Seminar 03 The Replacement Heifer, from Birth to Pre-Calving 9/16/2014 $475
Seminar 04 Reproduction for Success and Profit 9/16/2014 $480
Seminar 05 Veterinarianís Role in the Dairy Fresh Pen 9/16/2014 $450
Seminar 06 Applied Transition Cow Nutrition and Physiology 9/16/2014 $250
Seminar 07 Ration Design 9/17/2014 $200
Seminar 08 Understanding Milk Fat and Troubleshooting Herd Problems 9/17/2014 $350
Seminar 09A Beef Cow Nutrition - Basic 9/16/2014 $275
Seminar 09B Advanced Beef Cow Nutrition 9/17/2014 $275
Seminar 10 Stockers: Handling Light Weight, High Risk Beef Calves in Transition 9/17/2014 $225
Seminar 11 CANCELLED - Hands-on Embryo Transfer 9/14/2014 1850
Seminar 12 Advanced Embryo Transfer 9/17/2014 $300
Seminar 13 Adding Value to Cow-calf Practice: Using Field Data to Enhance Decisions 9/15/2014 $450
Seminar 14 Design of Positive Pressure Tube Systems for Improved Ventilation of Calf Barns 9/17/2014 $400
Seminar 15A Veterinary Business Management: A Practical Introductory Approach 9/16/2014 $150
Seminar 15B Veterinary Business Management: A Practical Advanced Approach 9/17/2014 $150
Seminar 16 Beef Cattle Lameness 9/17/2014 $250
Seminar 17 Cattle On-Farm Welfare 9/16/2014 $300
Seminar 18 The Future of Veterinary Practitioners: Improving Production and Herd Health through Nutrition and Management Consulting 9/15/2014 $450
Seminar 19 AASRP - Beginning Semen Handling Seminar 9/17/2014 $150
Seminar 20 Bull Breeding Soundness Examination 9/17/2014 $275
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