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Is the Nobility of Our Profession Old-fashioned?

Lately, as an officer of the AABP, I have been focused on issues such as increased regulatory oversight (both by us and on us), competition between proteins and between veterinarians, economic struggles, consumer and pseudo-consumer concerns, recognizing and addressing gender issues in our profession, and student debt. As an organization, we are being asked to continue our rightful leadership roles in issues such as antimicrobial stewardship, animal welfare, food safety and the economic survival of both ourselves and our clients. In the age of these issues, and where cynicism seems to rule, are we just old-fashioned and out of touch if we take some pride in our profession?

We are all familiar with the Veterinarian’s Oath we took at graduation. I would like to introduce you to some other thoughts for our profession, written by Dr. R.R. Dykstra, dean of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine from 1918 to 1948:

Veterinarian’s Creed

  • To regard my profession as something more than a means of livelihood;
  • To value character more highly than reputation and truth above popularity;
  • To be merciful, and humane, preventing needless suffering among dumb beasts;
  • To be faithful and zealous, preventing needless loss to those I am called on to serve; to guide my conduct by sober judgment and my judgment by a never sleeping conscience;
  • To be modest and open-minded and thankful for every opportunity to increase my knowledge and my usefulness;
  • To be a coworker with my fellow practitioners by the mutual interchange of counsel and assistance;
  • To be true to myself, measuring my success by the value of the service I render rather than by the fee I receive.”

Mission Statement

The American Association of Bovine Practitioners is an international association of veterinarians serving society as leaders in cattle health, welfare and productivity.


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