Student Activities Committee

The recruitment and retention of veterinary students into the general membership of AABP are essential to the future of the association and the food animal segment of the profession. The transition from active students to active AABP members is the most direct and effective recruitment method to insure the growth of the AABP and maintain the influence of food animal practitioners within the profession. The charge and goal of the committee will be to develop and foster interest in Bovine veterinary medicine and the AABP in veterinary colleges. This will be accomplished through effective communication and involvement with the faculty, staff, students and administration of each College and School of Veterinary Medicine with respect to various AABP programs, awards, benefits and professional opportunities for veterinary students.? The committee will develop channels to relay student’s needs and concerns back to the AABP Board of Directors as well as offer opportunities for established members and practitioners to engage in student’s professional development and mentorship. This will be accomplished through the administration of various activities to include; AABP Student Delegate Program, AABP Student Quiz Bowl, grants for both externship and educational programs, assist in the coordination of student case presentations, AABP lecture programs, SCAVMA and student AABP chapter interactions, Pre vet societies, the advertisement the Amstutz Scholarship awards, and the development of social networking and communication opportunities. The development and activation of the Student Activities and Membership Committee will promote the interaction between practitioners and new graduates and strengthen the Bovine medicine segment of the veterinary profession by demonstrating to future veterinarians the benefits of organized medicine and the rewards of high level bovine practice.

The STUDENT ACTIVITES AND MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE shall have the following charges/responsibilities:

    1. Effectively communicate with colleges and students with respect to AABP awards, benefits, programs, and other opportunities that benefit students.
    2. Foster student and recent graduate involvement in the organization in an effort to groom future leaders.
    3. Relay student concerns back to the committee and board.
    4. Organize and administer the following programs:
      1. Student Delegate Program
      2. Student Quiz Bowl
      3. Student Externship Program
      4. Student Case Presentation
      5. Student AABP Programs
      6. SCAVMA interactions
      7. Prevet Society interactions
      8. Education Fund
      9. Veterinary Student Recognition Award (advertise only)
      10. Amstutz Scholarship (advertise only)

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Name Term End Term Num
Kathryn Bach (Chair)  2026 2