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Veterinary Practice Information:

Lila Knowlton-Grallert
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Practice Name:
North Star Vet Services
245 Coal Hill Rd
North Bangor    
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 We are looking for a full-time or part-time associate veterinarian passionate about helping people and animals to join our team.  
Training Required:
 Applicants must possess a DVM/VMD, and must obtain a New York veterinary license and USDA level II accreditation.  
Experience Desired:
 All experience levels are encouraged to apply.  
 Negotiable based on experience level, but new graduate base salary typically starts at $74,000/year 
 Health insurance, 4 day work week, 8 week paid maternity leave, 401-K match program, yearly CE funding, association dues to AVMA and either AABP, AASRP, AAEP paid, license/accreditation fees paid, yearly clothing stipend, 2 weeks paid vacation after 6 months 

Species Percentages:

Beef:  5 Dairy:  75  Swine:  1  Small Ruminants:  5 
Equine:  13  Poultry:  1  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  0 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 A fully stocked vehicle (portable ultrasound, surgical kit, and stocked vet box). There is a practice office with an in house milk lab, blood chemistry analyzer, microscope, computers with DC 305, office space, and garage 
Other Personnel :  Two other veterinarians, 1 office manager 
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Some of our practice strengths include:
1. A practice excited to mentor and train: We are two vets both 4 years out of school, so we remember what it’s like being new to the profession. We have been together at this practice for that time, and have had the pleasure of having many students- veterinary, college level, high school come through the practice. We feel confident in our ability to provide mentorship, and truly love doing it. Our clients also are open to having students and new veterinarians on their farm, and many have become empathetic teachers in some ways themselves. Our clients are trained to never leave the veterinarian alone when they are working on a surgery or calving, they know to call early in the day with requests, and they know to be flexible about which veterinarian is available to help them. Yes, we have some clients that are a bit more frustrating to work with- but for the most part we have a group of clients that understand how valuable we are as large animal veterinarians in such a rural place, and they make the sometimes dirty work and unpredictable days feel a little easier.
2. A diverse clientele: We are a dairy practice at the core, and service a wide variety of dairy clients from 10 cow tie stall operations to 2500 cow herds. This means that we truly get to do both traditional veterinary medicine- herd checks, sick cow calls, DA surgery, calvings etc, but also delve into other services for our farms- analyzing records, writing protocols, employee training etc. Additionally, we include services for other farm animals- equine, small ruminant, camelid, swine, even poultry. To give you a taste of what a few days can feel like, last week I had these calls on my schedule: a meeting with the management team at one of our large progressive dairies who is embarking on a large expansion project over the next two years (100 cow rotary parlor, 4 new free-stall barns, anaerobic digester) about a few of the projects we are working on to help with the transition, casting a broken leg on calf at medium sized dairy, treating a Potomac horse fever case on a Belgian work-horse at an Amish farm, writing health charts for goats to go the county fair, helping a small tie stall work through a Staph aureus mastitis problem in their herd, and seeing Chickaletta, a 1 year old hen dealing with a chronic case of sour crop.
3. A 4 day work week: With 3 veterinarians, we find it possible to make our schedule work with a 4 days work week. On call is split evenly between the 3 veterinarians. We honor the day off- please turn your work phone off, do not expect to cover calls, and tell your clients to follow up with the office with lingering cases. When someone is on vacation, or needs to takes time off the week changes to a 5 day week if need be.
4. 8 week paid maternity leave: We believe that there is a way to create sustainable rural veterinary practices made up of people who have or want to have children. What this starts with is an adequate paid maternity leave.
5. Open to creative ways to practice veterinary medicine: We are passionate about expanding our services to provide our area with what it needs, and would be excited to support an associate with a new skill/specialty they would want to expand on, even if it isn't something we already offer. This could mean paying for additional CE, equipment, and assisting in advertising new services to clients. We are also open to creating a unique position to someone who may be interested in further training in specific areas we don’t offer with other local veterinarians. We are excited to hear new ideas about what being a large animal veterinarian in a rural area can look like- are you someone with a family that wants to work part time? Do you have unique situation where you need to travel in the winter? Do you dream of starting your own hydroponic lettuce farm?... Who knows… maybe we can make that work for you…
6. We like kittens: We are cow vets. But we can’t help but keep a pile of farm kittens in the office from time to time and help find them new jobs all over the northeast. 
Practice Area:  It is rural here, it is COLD here and winters are long, there seem to be no highways here- there is no sugar coating those things…. But, we have easy access to the Adirondack Mountain State Park where you can easily access outdoor adventures year round (skiing, hiking, biking, boating, fishing, hunting). We have nearby small cities with good airports like Plattsburgh, NY (1hr) and Burlington, VT (2 hr). We are ridiculously close to Canada- Montreal is only 1.5 hrs away. Cost of living is very low here, and buying houses/property is most likely well within your reach financially. The winters will make you appreciate wool socks and the cup of tea when you get back to the office. In the spring, you will see the steam from the sugar houses every morning, and you’ll probably get a gallon of maple syrup as a tip after that tough calving. The fall brings the most beautiful extended foliage season I know of… and nobody in the world appreciates the summers like we do. Come visit us and see what life on the edge of the country is all about. We aren’t perfect, we are learning, we are striving to make rural veterinary practice work for our clients and ourselves. 

Date job was submitted:    3/12/2022 

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