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Veterinary Practice Information:

Laura Handcock
Practice Name:
Animal Clinic LTD
31715 US Hwy 18
Winner    Google Maps
Zip Code:

Job Description:

 Animal Clinic Ltd. is looking for a mixed animal veterinarian to join its currently 4 veterinarian practice.  
Training Required:
 DVM or equivalent with ability to obtain a South Dakota Veterinary license.  
Experience Desired:
 Large animal (beef cattle) focus. New graduates welcome to apply 
 Salary with commensurate with experience.  
 Paid leave, health insurance, contributions to retirement, paid membership and society dues, use of clinic pick up with vet box and more 

Species Percentages:

Beef:  85 Dairy:  0  Swine:  0  Small Ruminants:  2 
Equine:  3  Poultry:  0  Exotics:  0  Small Animals:  10 


Facilities provided by the veterinary practice:
 The clinic is made up of almost 10,000 sq ft under roof. We have a main clinic housing our dispensary showroom, offices and small animal facilities which covers 3,200 sq ft. Our large animal haul-in facility is enclosed and is 2,400 sq ft. The unloading facility and outdoor pens are 900 sq ft and are under roof. We also have a detached equine clinic about 80 yards away which is 3200 sq ft. The facility was purpose built in 2010. Our equipment list includes IDEXX CBC, blood chemistry and SNAP analyzer. Digital radiology for small animal and equine. Dental radiography and Invodent dental machine, Anaesthetic monitoring system, Bair Hugger temperature monitoring system. 14 Ultrasound machines including IBEX, Aloka and Reproscans, 10 Lane IV and 1 Lane V Pulsator electro-ejaculators, 5 Silencer and 1 Cow Country hydraulic squeeze chute, Stubbs pneumatic equine dental equipment and a padded knockdown stall for equine.  
Other Personnel :  Animal Clinic Ltd. is a busy mixed animal practice located in south central South Dakota, in the small town of Winner. The practice includes 3 veterinarians, 3 veterinary technicians, 4 veterinary assistants and an office manager.  
Practice strengths and emphasis of the business:
 Our small animal services include routine medicine and surgery including bone pining. We also provide routine equine medicine and surgery services along with more extensive reproduction and dental services. Our bovine cattle practice is very seasonal, due primarily, to the true four-season weather pattern that we experience. We diagnose pregnancy by either palpation or ultrasonography in over 60,000 head of cows or heifers, we pelvic measure over 5,000 heifers, vaccinate for brucellosis about 12,000 heifers and fertility test over 9,000 bulls annually. We offer an emergency after hours service to all species. On call roster is shared equally amongst the veterinarians. A successful applicant would be interested in all aspects of mixed animal practice with a strong interest in beef cattle. Mentoring, compensation and benefits would be second to none for the right candidate. Partnership opportunity is also available in the future.  
Practice Area:  Winner SD is a town of approximately 3000 people. This area is lucky enough to be blessed with a strong ranching and farming community. The town is well equipped with a hospital, many other medical facilities, great schools, two grocery stores, several dining and fast food options and recreational facilities. Winner is around three hours drive from Sioux Falls and Rapid City SD which both have airports.  

Date job was submitted:    2/23/2021 

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