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2018 AABP Student Delegates

The AABP Student Delegate Program is an ambitious program proposed by the AABP Membership Committee to recognize student leaders from their respective programs throughout North America. The goal of this program is to provide crucial early exposure to leadership and service opportunities within AABP that will carry over into early practice for these future veterinarians.

Select the year and Annual Conference location:
School Junior Delegate Senior Delegate New Grad Delegate
AUB Savannah Basham Meghan Helmer Camille Ogletree
CAL Rae-Leigh Pederzolli Alycia Webster Carling Matejka
COR Elizabeth Martens Stephanie Tarlowe Marissa Horton
CSU Sophie Leone Jaclyn McCoy Jayleen Harris
FL Jamie Horstmann Catherine Seeds Kailey Ann McDougald
GA Scout Josey Emily Vermillion Morgan Adkins
IA Michael Rohde Cody Sacquitne Joe Mancino
IL Amber Summers Seely Sayre Josina Kasper
KS Ashley Zelenka Joyce Wick Benjamin Bennett
LMU Nicholas Shen Paul Riedel
LSU Katelyn Boudreaux Elizabeth Adams Sarah Cook
MI Colleen Curtiss Caelah Doerr Lora Gurley
MN Mary Liebenstein Nathan Bos Janna Bauer
MO Carley Brucks Ann Callahan Sophia Hyder
MON Jean-Philippe Beliveau Amelie Laliberte Bradley Bohemen
MS Austin Whitmon Katelyn Card William Jumper
MWU Jake Morris
NC Janelle Wiser Jennifer Lantzer Olivia Myers
OH Erin Homerosky Carter Wallinger Kristy Shaw
OK Shannon Van der Laan Lindsey Thomasson Tara Lynch
OR Jessica Frischman Nareela Lupton Daniel Hansen
OVC Matt Bates Alexandre Jalbert Kathryn Hotke
PA Emily Griswold Amy Kraus Brianna Parsons
PUR Jessica White Laura May Michelle Mitchell
ROS Jerel Tolbert Kelly Hill Jeremy Sell
STG Melissa Johnson Hannah Albright Katelin Young
TAM Joseph Blount Alec Wynne Cade Luckett
TN Paxton Parker Mary Waller William Hutchison
TUF Alexandra Uden Holly Williams
TUS Jonathan Gunn Mary Stewart
UCD Nathan Yerian Bryan Welly Ethan McEnroe
VA Jeffrey Vigue Jennifer Malkus Kendal Smith
WA Dallas Shaw Megan Cihak Caitlin Quesenberry
WCV Grayson Ross Chantalle Penner Lauren Redies
WI Elizabeth Endres Rachel O`Leary Kendra Wells
WU Pietro Catini Mathew Cohen Molly McElrath
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