Seminar 11

CANCELED - Farm Animal Welfare

Objective:To provide a working knowledge of animal welfare that enables practitioners to truly integrate the physiological and behavioral needs of cattle into the context of livestock production. The seminar will stress the common sense of the interrelationships of welfare, health and production. Current thoughts and approaches to pain management and on-farm euthanasia will be provided. Participants should leave this seminar able to assess the welfare of animals on their client’s farms and provide sound, practical advice to ensure the animals are managed well and the farms stay current regarding welfare practices.

Fee: $425 Limit: 0
Level: Basic    
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 18, 2012  8:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM
Wednesday, September 19, 2012  8:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM
Coordinators: Reynolds Computers  No
Faculty: , Shearer, Coetzee, Goff, Dewell, ,  

This seminar will provide a working definition of animal welfare that stems from the physiological, behavioral and emotional needs of animals. Understanding the true welfare needs of animals will help veterinary practitioners put into context the housing, feeding and management of livestock. Topics covered will include the definition of welfare, the Five Freedoms, and cattle behavior. We will review the historical context of the debate we have had regarding farm animal welfare to put the issues into focus. On-farm welfare assessment techniques and current on-farm welfare programs will be discussed and reviewed (including the FARM program). Specific welfare topics such as pain management and euthanasia will be covered in detail. The seminar will focus on both dairy and beef welfare and will include material on animal cruelty investigations.

There will be a trip to a dairy where participants will rotate through 3 on-farm hands-on groups:
  1. Assessment and evaluation of the welfare of calves and cows
  2. Pain management
  3. On-farm euthanasia

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