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There is no question that antibiotic availability and use will be important issues in the coming years. The AABP presented a general session at the Spokane meeting on this subject, and a session on food safety issues. It is important to keep this issue in perspective. CDC (Center for Disese Control) recognizes that a lot of antibiotic resistance, maybe most of it, comes from misuse of antibiotics in humans. They have some campaigns going to try to modify physicians' prescribing practices and reduce the expectation of patients that they will get antibiotics for every cold and earache. However there are pathogens, such as Campylobacter and Salmonella, that are primarily food- borne, and come primarily from foods of animal origin. Almost all epidemics of those pathogens are traced to food or water. Antimicrobial resistance in those bacteria can plausibly be affected by antimicrobial use in the animals. The fact that some pediatricians overprescribe amoxicillin in kids does not reduce veterinarian's obligation to use antibiotics in such a way as to minimize antimicrobial resistance in food-borne pathogens.

This issue will affect future availability of antimicrobials for all classes of animals (including pets). Several groups (AVMA, AABP, the Academy of Vet Pharmacology, and universities) are working on defining what prudent use of antimicrobials is. Some decisions will doubtless have to be made before every question has been answered by research.


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